How to Become an Advocate for

Tiny House Legalization

What You’ll Learn in Alexis’ Session:

Are you ready start advocating for tiny house legalization, but aren’t quite sure what you can do? Alexis breaks it down for us in this session!

  • Advocacy takes a team
  • Where to start
  • Looking for allies and ins
  • Successful pathways to tiny home legality
  • Resources to aid your efforts

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About Alexis Stephens

Christian & Alexis are the co-founders of Tiny House Expedition, a documentary and community education project. After building their own house on wheels, they traveled nomadically for 4.5 years, over 55,000 miles across North America. During that time, they visited 30 tiny home communities, hosted about 75,000 guests, and created the Living Tiny Legally docu-series.

Alexis Stephens

Tiny House Expedition Co-Founder

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