Life Off the Grid in a Tiny House

What You’ll Learn in Ariel’s Session:

Living off-grid requires a different systems setup than living connected to the grid, especially if you’re living in an extremely cold environment. Ariel, who has been living off-grid in her tiny home for about 9 years now, tells us her tips and shares what she’s learned.

  • Determining your electricity must-haves
  • Heating with a wood stove
  • Avoiding frozen pipes
  • Skirting with snow
  • Storing and using propane in very cold climates

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About Ariel Fy Nyth

Ariel from Fy Nyth, along with her husband Clay, their dogs, and some poultry, lives in a tiny house on wheels in the mountains of western Wyoming and they are working on setting up their own new little farmette or homestead. She’s been living this lifestyle since 2014 and her wonderful partner has joined her more recently. They collect and split wood for heat, source water from a gravity feed out of a natural spring, use a composting toilet, have a small solar setup, and attempt to grow, hunt, or forage as much of their own food as possible between the weather and wildlife. Living a little over 6000 feet above sea level tucked into the mountains means it’s a somewhat harsh and cold climate with snow on the ground 8 or more months a year and potential frost, freezes, and even snow flurries all summer long. Ariel loves to garden, cook, can/freeze/ferment/dehydrate food, hike and backpack in the mountains, and photograph the tame and wild animals she is surrounded by. And share the skills she has learned with others.


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