How to Downsize NOW 

What You’ll Learn in Brenda’s Session:

Living tiny requires that you get rid of some… or most of your stuff! There’s no better person to walk you through the process, both emotionally AND logistically than Brenda Mason Parmelee. 

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About Brenda Parmelee

Brenda is a Public Speaker, Best Selling Author, Downsizing Consultant and Smaller Living Advocate. She downsized from a large home to a small home in a very short amount of time. Now she serves the people that need to downsize their home who are stuck in the overwhelm of the decluttering process.

By knowing how and where to begin, to have the confidence in their decisions of what to keep and let go of and address the hard/overwhelming moments in the process. Ultimately, to Create Your Home Oasis – Clutter Free!


Brenda Mason Parmelee

Public Speaker, Best Selling Author, Downsizing Consultant

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