How Tiny Houses Change over Time:

The Reality of Living Tiny

What You’ll Learn in Dee’s Session:

What is it like to live in a tiny home that wasn’t built for you? Dee Williams and her nephew, JW Williams, talk about the pros and cons of living in a pre-owned tiny house plus what it’s like to live for years in a tiny home.

  • Making a pre-owned tiny home suit your needs
  • Everything JW runs on solar
  • Why you may want a downstairs bed
  • Tiny houses are resilient
  • Embracing imperfection

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About Dee Williams

Dee Williams built her first tiny house in 2004, making it as green and lean (it’s only 84sqft) as possible. In 2016, she decided to downsize even further (going from tiny to tinier) when she gifted her house to her nephew JW. The new tiny took the spot of JW’s big tiny, and she continued to live in the same yard happy as a clam.


Dee Williams

Tiny House Author, Speaker, and Teacher

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