Thermal Bridging 101: Thermal Bridging and Moisture 

What You’ll Learn in isabelle’s Session:

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the pictures of mold and moisture issues in tiny homes – and they are scary! Isabelle Nagel-Brice talks us through how thermal bridging can affect a tiny home and how you can mitigate the issues.

  • What is thermal bridging?
  • Effects of thermal bridging on your tiny home
  • Diagnosing and mitigating moisture issues in a tiny house
  • Design considerations
  • Recommended materials and appliances

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About isabelle nagel-brice

Isabelle built her own tiny house and lived tiny full time for nearly 6 years. Throughout her build, she focused on environmentally conscious materials stemming from her history with natural building and ultimately became inspired by Passivhaus designs, specifically. As a result, she founded A Tiny Good Thing to offer healthy tiny house building kits and hourly consulting to guide folks through the various stages of their builds. She has worked with builders all over the country to build high-performance tiny houses with quality materials that have less of a carbon footprint, don’t off-gas toxic chemicals, and therefore confront climate change through the build environment. Isabelle is a certified Passivhaus tradesperson and a certified sustainable homes professional. Isabelle personally committed to having less of a negative environmental impact and wants to encourage others to do the same in building and life.


Isabelle Nagel-Brice

Tiny House Builder & Consultant, Environmentalist, Certified Sustainable Homes Professional and Passive House Tradesperson

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