The Constitution and Tiny Houses:

Tiny Houses as Civil Disobedience

What You’ll Learn in Jay’s Session:

Jay is credited with starting the tiny house movement. He talks through why he built that first tiny house on wheels, his quest for constant improvement on his builds, and how tiny house dwellers can continue the momentum through civil disobedience.

  • Why Jay built his first tiny house
  • How zoning codes are created
  • Ventilation and indoor air quality
  • Jay’s custom SIPs hybrid
  • Citizens’ power through civil disobedience

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About Jay Shafer

On August 5 of 1999, Jay Shafer finished building himself an 8’x12′ house on wheels. A few days later, he released a book he’d been writing about the merits of smaller houses and the corrosive effects of overreaching laws that prohibit them. Jay‘s house and his views would soon receive attention from the mainstream. His designs and philosophy have inspired thousands of people, worldwide, to build little houses of their own and have led to critical housing law reforms in the US. The houses, their occupants, Jay‘s philosophy and the widespread civil disobedience that changed American housing law would come to be known as the Tiny House Movement. Today, Jay lives in a 7′ x 8′ house in Northern California. He’s still designing and building tiny houses, and he continues to speak out against lingering prohibitions on affordable, efficient housing solutions. The movement he pioneered is bigger than ever.


Jay Shafer

 Tiny House Dweller, Builder, and Advocate

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