Buyer Beware:

How to Work with a Tiny House Builder

What You’ll Learn in Jenifer’s Session:

Jenifer Levini goes in-depth about what the codes and certifications mean, why they are important, and how you can determine whether a house was built to these standards

  • What your contract should cover
  • Why codes are important
  • Don’t skip these safety features
  • How to research your builder
  • Red flags to watch out for

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About Jenifer Levini

Jenifer Levini is a housing and land use lawyer and author of books about tiny home laws. “Building, Occupying and Selling Tiny Homes Legally” was the groundbreaking first book to help people wrap their arms around the complicated alphabet soup of laws that govern tiny homes in 2019. Since then, some places have relaxed their laws, making tiny homes legal. Others have strengthened their laws against tiny homes. The new book, “TINY HOME LAWS” goes state by state and town by town to guide us to the possibility of tiny living legally.


Jenifer Levini

 Tiny House Legal Advocate, Author

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