Don’t Retire… RightSize Tiny!

What You’ll Learn in Jody’s Session:

If you’re done working at a job you don’t love to pay for the big house with all the space you don’t use, don’t wait it out for retirement. RightSize your situation to fit the lifestyle you want. Jody Brady tells us how!

  • A living situation that works for everyone
  • Supplementary structures
  • Living in a gray area
  • The value of having less
  • Early lessons Jody and Ethan both learned

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About Jody Brady

Jody and Bill Brady lived in a succession of big houses while their children were growing up. After that, the big house with its big mortgage—and the jobs they worked to pay for it—didn’t make sense anymore. More importantly, maintaining and heating and cooling that big house didn’t make sense, as they became committed to living more sustainably. They sold the house, quit their jobs and traveled for a while before deciding to build a tiny house on a friend’s property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They’ve lived in that house for seven years now, continuing to learn to live more sustainably all the while.

Jody Brady

 Tiny House Dweller and Advocate

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