Tiny House Trailers 101

What You’ll Learn in Joshua’s Session:

Tiny house trailers are not all created equally. In this session, Joshua will tell you all about the different types of trailers so you can determine the perfect foundation for your build!

  • Why you need a trailer made specifically for tiny house
  • Types and sizes of trailers
  • Construction and materials
  • Attaching the tiny house to the trailer
  • Choosing the right tires, wheels, and axles

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About  Joshua Engberg

Shelley and Joshua Engberg started planning to build a tiny house in June of 2014 in order to simplify their lives and get back to basics and escape the high cost of living in the SF Bay Area. With Joshua having a background in custom trailers and metal fabrication and Shelley in interior design they started downsizing and designing their custom tiny house. The original plan was to build their own tiny house trailer but instead, they designed a custom frame and had it built to their exact specs from a factory. With the help of many of their talented friends they built their own self-designed 374 sq. ft. home in a few short months. Reflecting on the challenges of the build, they realized one of the biggest was the trailer and getting one custom to their needs, so that is how Tiny House Basics was born. 

Joshua Engberg

Founder and CEO of Tiny House Basics

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