Permaculture for Tiny Houses

What You’ll Learn in Justin and Bianca’s Session:

Permaculture, sustainability, and tiny houses all fit together like pieces of the same puzzle. Justin and Bianca talks to me about how to live harmoniously with the land.

  • The foundations of permaculture
  • Don’t rush your design process
  • Permaculture goes beyond gardening
  • Storing energy
  • Observing and interacting with the natural world

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About Justin and Bianca Metz

Justin and Bianca live in a 240-square-foot tiny house with their 5-year-old son, Bodhi. Bianca is a Tiny House Consultant, Sustainable Living Specialist, and a co-producer of the Tiny Home Show. Justin is a Montessori Adolescent teacher, and backcountry wilderness guide. Justin teaches the principles of permaculture, incorporating them into his school’s outdoor programs and curriculum. Both Justin and Bianca have lovingly adopted permaculture into their homestead, businesses, and daily lives. Learning to live with the land harmoniously, building a resilient lifestyle, and raising the next generation to do so as well. 

Justin and Bianca Metz

Land Stewards, Tiny House Advocates, Permaculture Experts

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