Framing 101

What You’ll Learn in Keenan’s Session:

Framing can feel so very intimidating if you’re new to construction. Keenan tells us about all the basics and breaks it down into understandabe pieces.

  • How and why to use tarps
  • Sill plates and moisture issues
  • Types and lengths of studs and headers
  • Framing measurements: what and how and why
  • Advice for beginners and common mistakes

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About Keenan Phillips

Keenan has been tinkering since he could walk and talk. Repairing bicycles and building skateboard ramps resulted in an incredible understanding of structural engineering. Touring unfinished houses as a kid was a favorite activity. Fast forward 25 years and he is living in his double-wide, off-grid, THOW in the mountains of Western North Carolina building small homes and taking on major renovations for others.


Keenan Phillips

 Tiny House Builder and Renovations Expert

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