Introduction to Zoning

What You’ll Learn in Lee’s Session:

Where are you going to live in your tiny house? Lee Pera tells us what zoning is, how to research it, and how to talk with zoning officials, arming you with the knowledge you need to help you avoid fines and even eviction!

  • The difference between zoning and building code
  • Common zoning issues for tiny homes
  • Avoiding zoning violations
  • Where and how to research zoning regulations
  • How to help cities implement zoning changes

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About Lee Pera

Lee is a geographer and community builder. She lived in 28 houses in six countries before landing in Washington, D.C. where she built her own tiny house on wheels and started a tiny house community. Lee shares her expertise as a tiny house consultant, helping communities and cities implement zoning changes for tiny house development and leading workshops for individuals curious about the movement.


Lee Pera

 Tiny House Consultant, Community Builder, and Tiny House Advocate

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