Design Details that Make a House a Home

What You’ll Learn in Lina’s Session:

What needs to happen for a house to truly become your home? Lina goes through decisions you’ll want to consider to make your tiny home truly custom to you and your lifestyle.

  • Welcome Home
  • Designing to fit the way you live
  • How to design your kitchen
  • Don’t neglect these important things
  • Storage solutions that really work

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About Lina Menard

Lina Menard, the founder of Niche Consulting, has lived out her own questions about intentional living, less stuff, and happiness. She has resided in a travel trailer, a yurt, 3 ADUs, and 4 tiny houses on wheels. Rooted through a background in sustainable design-build and urban planning, Lina also has a penchant for experiential learning and healthy communities. Her day job is designing energy-efficient homes in New England through a small architecture firm. On the side, she teaches workshops, including: Downsizing, Digital Downsizing, Tiny House Considerations, Tiny House Design, ADU Design, and Kitchen & Bathroom Design. She has found her niche nestled between small spaces, collaborative education, and community planning.


Lina Menard

 Tiny House Consultant, Architect, and Teacher

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