Renting Out your Tiny House

Short Term vs Long Term Tenants

What You’ll Learn in Lindsay’s Session:

Thinking of renting out your tiny home now or in the future? Lindsay walks us through the different types of tenants and how to make your home appealing to them.

  • How to Airbnb your tiny home
  • Short vs long term: pros and cons of each
  • Considerations for long term rentals
  • Renting out your tiny home on someone else’s land
  • Rental agreement must-haves

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About Lindsay Wood

Lindsay Wood, “The Tiny Home Lady” is on a mission to develop 100,000 Tiny Homes as affordable houses in California and across the US. Lindsay has been a Real Estate Investor since 2015 and believes Tiny Homes are a solution to the housing and climate crisis.


Lindsay Wood

 Tiny House Consultant, Real Estate Investor

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