Tiny Houses Down Under

What You’ll Learn in Lucy’s Session:

Are you curious what the tiny house movement is like in other countries? Lucy Lich tells me all about tiny homes in Australia.

  • The history and evolution of the Australian tiny house movement
  • Tiny house laws 
  • Zoning and parking regulations
  • Reactions to tiny houses are mixed
  • Want to learn more? Lucy recommends resources

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About Lucy Litch

Lucy Lich is a yoga teacher, tiny houser and host of Tiny House Conversations – an Australian-based podcast where Lucy interviews tiny housers, tiny builders and other experts, so you can learn how to start, design and create your tiny life.

Lucy has been on the path of conscious living for over 10 years, and has worked in the wellness space for most of that time as well.

She loves nature, yoga, breathwork, meditation and sound healing. She’s also passionate about regenerative farming and healthy cooking.

Lucy recently moved into her tiny house and is excited to create a life of less impact, self-sufficiency and deeper connection on the land.


Lucy Lich

Tiny House Podcaster and Yoga Teacher

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