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What You’ll Learn in Matt’s Session:

SketchUp is an incredible tool for someone who wants to design their own tiny house. Matt shows us how to get started with SketchUp, how to customize plans, and gives some tips on how to make it easy to revise your plans in the future.

  • How to use SketchUp to plan your budget
  • Using customizable preset plans
  • Groups and components 
  • A carpenter’s perspective on SketchUp
  • Special offer for Summit Attendees

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About Matt Donley

Matt can show you how to design and plan your tiny house using a 3D modeling app called SketchUp. He’s got a tutorial website and YouTube channel called MasterSketchUp. And what’s cool is he was a carpenter for 10 years before becoming a SketchUp trainer, so he has a lot of experience with common tiny house-building techniques. Many of his SketchUp tutorials show you how to 3D model at a level of detail that will enable you to plan and coordinate your tiny house project more precisely.


Matt Donley

 SketchUp Trainer, Carpenter

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