How Consumers can Advocate

for Local Change

What You’ll Learn in Melanie’s Session:

If you’re wondering what you can do to advocate for tiny house legalization in your area and how to find others who are interested, this is the interview for you!

  • Stop underestimating the power in numbers
  • How to meet and work with city officials
  • Why now is a good time for change
  • Where to find others interested in advocacy
  • Why Tiny House Alliance is working for ASTM standards

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About Melanie Copeland

Melanie Copeland is the National Spokesperson for the Tiny House Alliance USA. Working to legalize tiny, Melanie has published Trailblazing Tiny, and an ebook Series Trailblazing Tiny Tales. Her and her husband John built their tiny 5 years ago in 7 days and legalized their land. They now live full time in an 8×18 tiny with the wheels on as a dwelling. She spends her free time backpacking, gardening, writing, and doing contract construction as a framer.

Melanie Copeland

 Tiny House Author, Dweller, and Advocate

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