How to Get Out of Debt and Start Saving for a Tiny Home

What You’ll Learn in Nickolas’ Session:

Are you saving up for your tiny house or need to pay off some debt and aren’t sure where to start? Nickolas gives us some really good advice and strategies on getting out of debt and saving money.

  • How to set your financial goals
  • Basic money-saving advice
  • What kinds of debts are acceptable?
  • Recommended budgeting tools
  • What is your relationship with money?

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About Nickolas Natali

Nickolas Natali is the host of the hit podcast, The Nickolas Natali Show. He lived in his 1986 Chevy Suburban and paid off $60,000 in 11 months and is here to help however possible! 


Nickolas Natali

 Personal Finance Expert, Van Dweller, Podcaster

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