Congratulations! You’re In for 2023

Message from Ethan

Hi from Ethan,

The 2022 Summit has ended, but you are now OFFICIALLY REGISTERED for the 2023 Tiny House Summit!

You can still watch the 2022 summit!

To go at your own pace and get lifetime access to the 2022 summit, check out the All-Access Pass!

Thanks and see you in 2023,


Message from Ethan

Hi from Ethan,

You are OFFICIALLY REGISTERED for the 2022 Tiny House Summit!

A few quick important things:

1. Watch the welcome video! 👆🏼

2. Your free online 3-day immersion starts Friday, November 4, so be sure to get it in your calendar!

3. I’ll email you access on the morning the summit starts, so make sure my emails don’t go to spam.

4. To go at your own pace and get lifetime access, check out the All-Access Pass.

5. Please help get the word out! I’d be grateful if you’d share the summit homepage,, wherever you can!

Thanks and see you in November,


More about The All-Access Pass

The All-Access Pass gives you massive value. Here’s what you get:

  • Lifetime Access: Own your own copy of the Tiny House Summit, with lifetime access to the entire immersion learning event, and the bonuses below
  • 30 Videos: Download and keep the expert video teachings, so you can watch anytime, anywhere, and control the speed.
  • 30 Audio Files: Download and keep the audio so you can listen and learn on any device, whenever and wherever you want
  • 30 Transcripts: Download PDF transcripts of everything to read and print. Or use our searchable transcript database to find exact words or phrases across the entire event!
  • 30 Bonus Videos: Short, powerful nuggets from each of our speakers to help you get motivated and get moving!
  • Special Workbook: You get a special summit workbook I designed to help you take excellent notes, and get more out your learning.
  • Bonus Q&A with Ethan: Live Q&A with Ethan Waldman and special guests in December when you’re going to have a ton of questions. 

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