Design Your Tiny House in 30 Minutes

What You’ll Learn in Till’s Session:

Yes, Till Buch designs an entire tiny home – with furniture and appliances – in under 30 minutes! We also talk through the reasons you may want to design your own home, where to find inspiration, and more.

  • Why you should design your own tiny home
  • How to prepare to design your own home
  • Till designs a tiny house using the 3D Tiny House Designer
  • How to turn your design into a set of plans
  • Special Offer for Summit attendees

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About till buch

Till Buch, along with the Tiny Easy Team are the creators of the online “3D Tiny House Designer” that lets anyone design a tiny house on wheels without having to have any technical design or building knowledge. You drag & drop “building blocks” to arrange your unique tiny house in minutes and export beginner-friendly construction plans to build from.


Till Buch

Co-Founder, Tiny Easy

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